Make a Public Information Request

OPIR fulfills public information requests under the following definition:

"Public Information" means information prepared, owned, used, or retained by a public agency relating to the transaction of official business, regardless of form, except for confidential information that must be protected against public disclosure under applicable law.

Please note: While OPIR provides information already maintained or recorded by an agency, OPIR cannot and does not answer questions for agencies. Questions for agencies are best directed to them.

The Office of Public Information Requests (OPIR) is the designated contact for agencies supported by OPIR. To request information from an agency supported by OPIR, you must:

  • Complete the public information request form below,
  • Send an email to,
  • Or mail a letter to
    Office of Public Information Requests
    P.O. BOX 200101
    Helena, MT 59620-0101
All public information requests we handle must be submitted using one of these methods.

To request information from an agency that is not on the OPIR agency list, you must contact the agency's designated contact.

Specific Person or Property Requests: A request for information about a specific person or property (such as a request for records of an application, vital record, license, permit, or registration) should not be made using this form. Such information may be requested directly from the agency that maintains the record.